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MESI has offered post-graduate doctoral programs since 1932 and habilitated doctor programs since 1988. More than 1,500 PhD and habilitated doctor candidates have completed courses at MESI, and the University has awarded more than 100 habilitated doctor and 2,000 PhD degrees.

MESI offers post-graduate education in the following specialist fields:


Physics and Mathematics


01.01.02 – Differential Equations, Dynamic Systems, and Optimal Control

Informatics, Computers, and Automation (05.13.00)

05.13.01 System Analysis, Management, and Data Processing

05.13.11 Mathematical Support and Software for Computers, Computer Complexes, and Computer Networks

05.13.15 - Computers, Computer Complexes, and Computer Networks

05.13.18 Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods, and Complexes

05.12.13 Telecommunication Systems, Networks, and Devices

05.13.12 Computer-Assisted Design (IT equipment)

Economic Sciences (08.00.00)

08.00.01 Economic Theory

08.00.05 Economics and Management of the National Economy (by industries: Innovation Management; Regional Economy)

08.00.10 Finance, Money Circulation, and Credit

08.00.12 Accounting and Statistics

08.00.13 Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics

Legal Sciences (12.00.00)

12.00.02 - Constitutional Law, Constitutional Litigation, Municipal Law

12.00.03 - Civil Law, Entrepreneurship Law, Family Law, International Private Law

12.00.13 - Information Law

12.00.14 - Administrative Law, Administrative Procedure

Social Sciences (22.00.00)

22.00.03 Economic Sociology and Demography

22.00.04 Social Structure and Social Institutes and Processes

22.00.08 Sociology of Management