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Theory and Practice of Mass Communication and International Public Relations

Master's program in Linguistics FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS

First in MESI Master Program in Linguistics "Theory and Practice of Mass Communication and International Public Relations" is aimed at foreign students.

The training program in Linguistics for foreign students covers the most topical issues in the area of intercultural and professional/business communication and ensures the development of effective communication skills in professional environment.

The program highlights the special module "Intercultural and Professional Communication in Russian" that provides training of highly-qualified foreign specialists in the field of mass communication with knowledge of two foreign languages: Russian and English.

Advantages of the program

  • Foreign graduate students receive an excellent opportunity to improve oral and writing skills in the field of speech communication, stylistics, rhetoric and language for special purposes in Russian and English .
  • The master's degree is also a good humanitarian background which is formed by the inclusion in the curriculum of cultural, sociological, philosophical and linguistic disciplines, such as "Linguistic Cultural Study", " Business Russian", "Russian in Professional and Science communication" "Professionally-Oriented Rhetoric and Stylistics of Russian" "Medialinguistics", "Lexicology and Semantics of the Russian Language", "Theory and Practice of Translation", etc.
  • Upon completion of the program (or in parallel) with the master’s degree, foreign students can take additional Russian language courses to prepare for the third certification level of Russian as a foreign language exam and take this test in the MESI Testing Center of the Russian Language as Foreign.