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22 April 2014


Dear young leaders from all over the world! Welcome to INTERSELIGER 2014!

800 exceptional individuals from different spheres and backgrounds will come together to “Dare to make the world we want to Live in”.

INTERSELIGER is an international educational camp in the middle of the Russian woods in Tver Region, where thousands of responsible, entrepreneurial and daring young leaders from all over the world get together to meet high-profile speakers, generate synergies and gain new experiences by participating in educational, recreational and social activities in a natural setting of the Seliger lake system.

It is a transformational event for young people from various nations to understand more personal values, talents, strengths and purpose of your life, upgrade your leadership skills and make own conclusions about global changes and challenges around the world.

INTERSELIGER 2014 takes place in Russia and that is why we will be glad to give international youth an opportunity to see real modern Russia for themselves and form their own opinion about our country through acquaintances and discussions with real people of different ages, social statuses, positions and spheres.

Our unique educational campus is a platform you have opportunity to:  

  • Realize yourself. 
We have sessions and experienced speakers that will help you to understand your values and strengths, discover your passions, create your own life strategy.

  • Build your global network. 
You have chance to collaborate with youth from 100 countries and get in touch with global leaders and world experts.

  • Explore rich-cultural Russia. 
Explore the biggest country and oldest culture in the world, live real benefits to live\ live life changing experience in Russia, enjoy beautiful nature of Seliger. 

  • Get to know the world you live in
Discuss global issues with experts, get to know with youth that makes positive changes, dare to make the world you want to live in. 

Who is going to be part of our team?

Seliger 2014 is open to leaders between the ages of 18 and 30 from all over the world. Young, talented responsible, enterpreneurial and daring individuals from diverse backgrounds with one passion of making a difference on a global scale and are highly motivated to collaborate to make our world a better place to live in.

Foreign participants pay no registration fee! Fee for Russian citizens is 3000 rub.

So, let us make it clear – INTERSELIGER is a camp! In the forest! But everything you need will be just at arm’s length!
  • Comfortable camp tents with mat and sleeping bags
  • Camp-wide Wi-Fi and electric sockets located around the camp site
  • Sufficient number of outdoor eco-friendly toilets, shower cabins, and washstands
  • 24/7 security with access restricted to participants only
  • 3 healthy meals per day
  • Medical personnel present 24/7
  • Interpreter always ready to re-translate your thoughts and ideas

Why in the woods?

  • Seliger offers a unique chance to break away from the glass and steel jungles of big cities and gain a different perspective of your life
  • No more formal and tiresome conferences. Informal atmosphere of an open dialogue, the sense of true partnership – that is what Seliger 2014 is about.
  • Open-air discussions will generate open-end initiatives.
  • Fresh air, amazing nature and sport will boost your activity.
  • Find more answers for all organizational questions here

Where and when it is going to take place:

Russia, Tver region, Lake Seliger, 27 July – 3 August, 2014.  

We will organize transfers from Moscow to Seliger, so it will be easy to get there.

How to apply

In order to apply for International Youth Forum INTERSELIGER 2014 you should:

Register your account at this web-site and confirm your e-mail.

Fill in Application Form in your profile by June, 1 

Wait for the results of application processing there along with an e-mail confirmation by June, 5

Confirm your participation till 11th of June and obtain visa if necessary, you will receive Telex number for your Embassy by July, 15

Note: If you are applying from a country that requires visa to enter Russia it is strongly recommended you apply as early as possible. 

We have special option for “early birds” to apply till 4th of May in order to have confirmation at 11th of May and get Telex number for visa at 15 of June

Please contact us to find out more

International Youth Forum Seliger 2014 Organizing Committee (With the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs)

Official website:

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