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21 February 2014
MESI cordially welcomes foreign exchange students from the University of Urbino (Italy) and the University of Montenegro, who have come to MESI for one semester under the collaboration and student exchange agreement.

As exchange students the students from Montenegro are supposed to study hospitality industry and tourism at MESI.

Further to the above we would also like to wish good luck to MESI students who are also participating in student exchange with the University of Montenegro.
Apart from that we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the Italian students have learnt the Russian language at home in Italy, and as a result they decided to take courses in linguistics at MESI and improve their Russian language skills.

It is worth pointing out that MESI students, who are enrolled in the linguistics program and learn the Italian language, have already studied at the Univeristy of Urbino for 1 semester as well.
As a part of the student exchange program foreign exchange students schedule their studies themselves, and attend classes optionally based on the course of study they chose. However, our foreign guests are also eager to get to know the Russian culture and Russian nation, and explore our vast country.

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