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A Word from the Rector

Russian Language Summer School in MESI

Natalia V. Tikhomirova

Dear visitors of our website!

I am glad to welcome you to the website for the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics.

International cooperation is one of MESI’s key priorities. The university is engaged in programmes of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with leading educational institutions, international organisations, and research centres in Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, France, the USA, Latvia, Abkhazia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and other countries. MESI organises internships for students abroad, and runs ‘double diploma’ programmes with foreign educational institutions in the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands.

Our university’s experience and results have received recognition abroad. Our programmes have successfully undergone accreditation to European criteria, corresponding with the ESG-ENQA European standards to guarantee the quality of education. MESI’s MBA programmes are accredited by the European Council of Business Education (ECBE). Our e-learning technology, actively used in all educational programmes, has been recognized by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) as meeting international quality assessment criteria.

As one of the Russian leaders in the field of e-learning, MESI maintains close contacts with foreign associations working to develop innovative technologies in education. MESI is the only Russian representative in EADTU. The university is a member partnership on highest quality in electronic learning – the E-xcellence Association. In addition, MESI is a member of powerful organisations such as the Expert Council on Educational Technologies (EC), the European network of Distance and Electronic Learning (EDEN), the Association of European Universities (EUA), the International Association of Distance Learning, the European Association of International Education, and many more.

One of the serious tasks before MESI is to create an electronic university on the basis of our classical institution. Our students use modern technology and services for learning. They have 24 hours access from any point in the world to educational information, electronic learning materials and aids, foreign educational resources, and communication means to information and consultation purposes.

Living in the modern world demands life-long education. MESI offers its students and graduates the opportunity to receive a second diploma, to continue their studies after university (in post-graduate degrees and MBAs), and to undergo international certification.

We strive to strengthen ties with academia, education, and business. MESI guarantees its graduates 100% employment. We sign contracts with various large Russian and western companies for our students to undergo practical and field training. We closely follow the situation in the labour and educational services markets, and are willing to, and develop new promising areas for education which will open up a wide range of opportunities for our students.

Under the guidance of highly-qualified tutors and professors, MESI students take part in research, present reports at conferences, including foreign ones, and publish articles in academic journals. The university has a wide range of research circles and sections and a student scientific society of many years’ standing.

In addition to studies and academic research, MESI students can also develop their potential in sports, arts, and social work. We have our own KVN team (a student comedy competition team), student theatre, magazine, and an annual Miss MESI contest.
We know how painfully difficult it can be for a first-year student (especially a foreign one) to adapt to the new university environment. This is why at MESI we have a well-developed advisory system, and anyone with an academic or organisational issue can approach either a professor, or a student assigned to each students group.

MESI today is a unique educational centre, offering a world-class education to all, regardless of location or time opportunities. I hope that the professional training you receive within our walls will be a firm beginning for your future career of a successful economist, manager, lawyer, IT-expert or mathematician. I would also like to express my hope for the success of all joint educational and academic projects that MESI is willing to implement with stakeholders and companies. May study at MESI, or partnership with the institution become an important, interesting, and memorable time in your life!

Natalia V. Tikhomirova, 

Rector of MESI